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All about Hekate, three-formed Goddess of the crossroads

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The Huntress

, 23:58

Goddess Hekate, the Queen of Life with the immortal beauty...

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At the Crossroads we meet Hekate

, 00:46

"She illuminates with her flaming torch of eternal life the sacred road. She is the fire to warm our cold souls."

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The Goddess in a Hellenic Song

, 15:26

20 years ago, a Hellenic singer, Alkestis Protopsalte, published a song and a video clip. Her real name is Alkestis Sevaste Attikiouzel. She was born in Alexandreia of Egypt and moved to Athens due to political events. She was a runner and after that she became a singer. She had a great success. Her contribution is so recognized that she even became a minister of culture for a month in 2015. Both the song we are going to see and the video have strong influences and symbolism of our Goddess Hekate. It is not quite possible that she or the production team had something like that in mind. But the result is a song aligned with Hekate. I have think of it many times. How the Goddess can interfere in our daily lives and pass a message massively without having the concious mind in the route, to understand Her actions. In this article, I am going to share my thoughs with you, regardings a special song, called "lava".

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Poem: The Roads of Athens

, 15:11

Glory, Honor and Wingless Nike, have from years fled,
they walk around the Athenian roads pretending to be dead.
They abandoned the gracious Acropolis since the old days,
what these Goddesses can give, today nobody takes.
The temple of Pallada is no longer their house,
they live on roads now, forgotten by the crowds.

On the crossroads I have always stood and everything I see,
I left the Acropolis as well; it is our nature to be free.
Cannons hit the temple, anger, fires and loot,
the injuries, visible today, the temple make impure.
When the Parthenon was hit by Morosini’s shot,
I heard Athena shouting that her temple will be lost.
So that Athena doesn’t see, with my veil I covered her blue eyes,
forever the temple I left, not to light the broken pieces and the piles.

Sit quietly and hear these Goddesses of light,
our footsteps and our whispers today are heard during the night.
Hear carefully my child and try to understand,
the four of us today are still living on this land.
We are trying to shine again, waiting to be seen,
people pass along us and our signs cannot see.
And if ever these Goddesses you want to honor and our blessings to receive,
on the roads of Athens your offerings should leave.


Poem: The Goddess

, 12:08

A daughter in the woods created a sacred circle,
she burnt a mix of herbs and she was holding an amount of myrtle.
She called the elementals at the corners until the dawn was coming,
she made the evocation and for the Goddess she was chanting.
The atmosphere had changed and a presence filled the air,
a morph started to emerge; it was a woman with a beauty extremely rare.

She was wearing a long dress which was like the starry night,
a diaphanous veil was covering her shoulders falling at each side.
She had high on her waist one a knife on her belt,
a small key with a silver chain was hung around her neck.
She was holding one torch and the flame was warm and bright,
she is the Goddess of the truth, the wisdom and the light.

“I am the triple energy of the four worlds,
she who on her hands the time holds.
I am the one, the life-giving soul,
I hold the torch of truth leading to the sacred road.
I am she whose heart is the fire of the sun,
and what is done I can make it undone.
I am more ancient than the world, more ancient than time,
when the darkness comes it is then when you will see me shine.
I am she who hears the silence and she who is standing still,
to those who honor my name I’ll be present in the times of need”.

Hekate, British Museum

Poem: To Walk In The Dark

, 01:39

In the darkest hour;
that's when I saw Her.
She had no shape or form.
She's not meant to.
Her grace goes beyond matter.
She reached out to me
on my darkest moon,
because that's when She shines the brightest.
That's when you see Her most clearly.
She's not for everyone to see,
you need to be lost
and blind
and hurt.
Then, when you least expect it,
She'll find you,
and heal your eyes,
and nurture you,
as a Mother
and Sister
and Friend.
I think She saw me
lost and alone and afraid.
So She sent me a friend,
the best She could find
to bring me back to the light.
That's how it goes, I suppose.
Out of the blue,
out of the dark,
and into the light of the Moon.
I am slowly driven to Her Sacred Fires.
My heart is gentle and it hurts to walk fast.
But my pace is steady
until I see Her again.
In the darkest hour.

Poem: A Witch Alone

, 19:34

Hello. I am a new writer in the blog. I wrote a poem as an act of devotion to the Goddess Hekate. I hope that you will like it!

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