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Welcome to the biography page. In a blog things are very loose because the whole purpose of its existense is to share information about a favorite occupation the authors have.


Alias: Hekate Phosphoros

WP_20160828_22_20_21_Pro.jpgMy name is Eirini (Irene). I was born in Athens. When I was young I started sports; swimming, basketball and later I started gymnastics and training in martial arts which I practice until today. At the present time, I study Oceanography at the University of Aegean with an intense interest in both Marine Archaeology and Classical Archaeology as well as ancient Hellenic philosophy.

From my young age, I was studying the ancient gods and the Hellenic mythology and language while developing a harmonious relationship with nature. Then I started studying Wicca and reading books about occultism and esoteric traditions. The years that followed I studied tarot and Lenormand cards, crystals, herbs, meditation techniques, pathworking etc. I am also a Komyo Reiki practitioner, an interest that occurred from my practices and involvement in martial arts due to the cultural connection. At the moment I study the work of famous and very important writers.

The years that followed Constantinos and I worked together. We were feeling a calling from Hekate and gradually she became the main Goddess that we were working in our circle. We established a relationship and connection with Hekate and we were working more and more with Her. This blog is a small try of us to share some of our views and results from our personal research in different fields related to Hekate.


Alias: Hekate Propolos

Constantinos.jpgLet me introduce myself. I like sports. I do weight training, running and martial arts. The body is an important part of our existence and so if someone wants to make progress in the spiritual themes, extra care to his body should be greatly considered. The ancient Hellenes said νους υγιής εν σώματι υγιεί, meaning that mind and body are healthy when you practice them both. So, I practice the south korean martial art of tae kwon do and the singapore martial art of chap koon do. I also teach to others both taekwondo and chapkoondo.

I enjoy reading books about mythology, history, esoteric traditions, occultism. I practice Witchcraft or Wicca as Gerald Gardner would like to say. I also practice ritual magick. I am a devotee of Hekate from 2014 and a member of the Covenant of Hekate. I like the healing aspects of Witchcraft, because it is drastic and helps people. In this framework, I have practiced the japanese system of Reiki and I belong to the japanese school of Komyo Reiki Kai, one of the four traditional branches of Japanese Reiki. Also, I have practiced Johrei and I am a member of the Johrei center of Hellas.

My main university studies are computer engineering (National Technological Institute of Piraeus) and I have also taken courses for two years in the National Agricultural University of Athens. I like to share things that helped me and others. In the past I used my programming skills to make web applications and websites about the healing methods of witchcraft, in hellenic. Moreover, I have translated interviews of the Komyo Reiki Kai founder and the italian version of Komyo Reiki Magazine. I created the hellenic Komyo Reiki Magazine too. Now, I offer my computer programming skills helping developing the web community "A Witch Alone. and the Covenant of Hekate.

From this blog we try to present information that we read, search and find that are associated with our Luminous Triple Goddess of the Crossroads. Hekate guides us most of the times and we like to share our findings with the community of Her devotees. Some things that we share cannot be found anywhere, so we believe that what we try to do is important and we try to make good efforts.


Alias: Hekate Kleidouchos

konstantina.jpg Greetings! I'm Konstantina. I was born in Athens and raised in Corinth for the most part. My main interests include playing and writing music, poetry and watching tv shows. I was always very in touch with nature since I was a kid and I would walk barefoot all the time. I still do, actually.

I came across Wicca when I was 16 and I instantly felt a connection with what it stands for. I used to have prophetic dreams as a child so that resonated with something inside me.

I'm currently learning more about herbs and crystals and their properties and how I can use them to heal myself and others. I am also interested in sign interpretation and divination. I met Constantinos and Eirini through the internet and after I had just started reading on Hekate, so I thought this was not a coincidence and I took it as a sign. I hope to bring out my view of the Goddess through my work as a musician and a poet. Stay tuned for more!

Contact authors at hecate(at)awitchalone.com

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