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Book reviews

Hekate Liminal Rites

Subtitle: A Study of the Rituals, Magic and Symbols of the torch-bearing Triple Goddess of the Crossroads

Authors: Sorita D'este, David Rankine

Publisher: Avalonia

This book is full of ancient small-sized texts about the Goddess Hekate. Many of them could be easily found. The conclusions and the comments are very helpful too. The texts came from ancient Hellenes writers, Roman writers, Byzantine writers, PGM and Chaldean Oracles. The book has small chapters concerning many things about Hekate, like Elefsinean Mysteries, statues, ancient coins, ancient temples, curse tablets, voces magicae, herbs, metals, hymns, animals, necromancy, angels, the medieval connection with solomon's magick etc. The writers continue their good work revealing the nature of the Goddess.

Protection & Reversal Magick

Subtitle: A Witch's Defense Manual

Author: Jason G. Miller

Publisher: New Page Books

Jason Miller is a very rare person in our days. This book is full of protection techniques with many kinds of magick inside. The practitioner of the craft would find a daily practicing routine, house protection spells, symbols and sigils for protecting againsts evil spirits, a technique to invoke a spirit in the house, aura cleansing rituals, invisibility rituals etc. all based in the ancient way of thinking. The techniques are effective, solid and require seriousness and prudence.

HEKATE: Keys to the Crossroads

Subtitle: A collection of personal essays, invocations, rituals, recipes and artwork from modern Witches, Priestesses and ... Goddess of Witchcraft, Magick and Sorcery.

Editor: Sorita D' este

Publisher: Avalonia

One of the first attempts presenting and exploring the Goddess of the Three-ways, the Goddess who hold the keys to the whole world. A leading book for 2006! Hekate is now very famous in the Witchcraft community. This books consists of 3 parts. Part one is (pg. 19-38) is a small presentation to the history of the Goddess. The writer's points derive from ancient texts. There is a small table of correspondences, some clarifications about misconseptions that we still read on the web. Part two has various experiences of people who work with the Goddess Hekate. It is clearly how Hekate changes the lives of her witches. Also, someone can find how many different people work well with the Goddess. Part three contains incense recipes with a good introduction, Cake recipes offerings, food offerings, two pathworkings, invocation and ode.This book is a good way to start knowing the Triple-formed Goddess. For more information, there is Hekate, Liminal Rites and other good books too

Witchcraft Today - 60 Years on

Editor: Trevor Greenfield

Publisher: Moon Books

This book is written for the romantic practitioners of Wicca. Some well respected witches write about some wicca traditions and other wicca-relates traditions. Let me mention them:Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Seax, Dianic, Hedge, Solitary, Nature, Hekatean, Egyptian, Male, Eclectic. Most of the texts/essays are very good, nicely written with good structure. In part two, you will find some personal stories answering how the writers got they hands on witchcraft. In part one, there are some personal insights too.

Magika Hiera

Subtitle: Ancient Greek Magic and Religion

Editors: Christopher Faraone, Dirk Obbink

A very compact book full of information about the ancient hellenic magick. Binding spells, curses, prayers, talismans, lamellae, pharmakeia, excepts for the PGM all those different aspects of Witchcraft are written from different authors. The chapters are well documented with many ancient words and texts

Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries

Author: George Emmanuel Mylonas

Publisher: Princeton University Press

I saw this old book in the archaelogical museum of Eleusis. The author was a dedicated man who searched the mysteries of Eleusis. He was a well respected professor of archaeology in Washington University. In the first chapters there are many archaeological information about excavations and their meanings in Eleusis. A well written historical perspective follows. Then we have a written description about the place of the mysteries and how it was during the centuries until the roman influence. In chapter nine there are many infos about the mysteries of Eleusis and what happened in each of the 9 days. Legomena, dromena, deiknymena. The book ends with some later references from the byzantine area.

The Gods of the Greeks

Author: Carl Kerényi

Publisher: Thames and Hudson Ltd

It is one of the best books about hellenic mythology. It is very well written and easy to read. The author is an expert of this field. It has divided every story in small paragraphs. The book consists fo two parts. The Gods and the heroes.

The Trimorfis Goddess

Author: Michael Taylor

In this book the author writes about each three-fold goddess in hellenic mythology and about the goddesses who were three and had a stron relationship like Horaes, Harpies, Moiraes, goddesses who had a connection with the threefold goddesses like Demeter and it expands those corellations to other mythologies like japanese, slavic, egyptian, mesopotamian, celtic etc.

The New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot

Author: Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero

Publisher: Llewellyn

The Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot book comes with the deck. This set is a treasure for every Witch who practices cartomancy in a serious way and looks to find the truth behind the common images of the cards. The Ciceros have taken the classical instructions, symbols and meaning of the Book T, which is also included and they have created a deck closer to the original one of the H.O.G.D. When Sandra began this project, Israel Regardie was alive and he has approved her work in 1985.

The purpose of the book is to propagate authentic teachings of the Golden Dawn hermetic tradition, with plain words and easy to follow drawings. In short terms, the Ciceros hare written a small introduction with all that is essential from Kabbalah to understand the first key of the tarot and then they explain the color coding, which is based on the Kabbalistic system. In my opinion the introduction will act as a triggering button to learn kabbalah if you want to understand the Tarot.

The card meaning follows with a small analysis of the planetary energies (I would like to read more), symbols, kabbalistic paths and colors. The analysis of those energies makes clear the energy that every card represents. The give two spreads and the Golden Dawn Opening of the Gate method.

The book contains rituals of the Golden Dawn, from meditations to blessings of the cards with the Tarot wand etc. The reader should know the basics of the Golden Dawn to follow the whole book. My advice is to read a book for the Golden Dawn tradition before moving to this set. Moreover, this set provides different meanings from the Rider Waite Smith deck and the reason is explained well. So, if you want to study the english school of tarot and you are determined to do it, this is an authentic book written from excellent writers.

Greek and Roman Necromancy

Author: Daniel Ogden

Publisher: Princeton University Press

The ultimate book for ancient hellenic necromancy describing necromantic practices and techniques from ancient texts. The book is well organized and many things are repeated, so the reader will learn the basics from a single reading.

I read this book three times. It is very interesting. The incidents that the writer has provided to us, are drawn from ancient texts and the presentation of them makes them understandable. Though the writer is not a witch, neither knows Witchcraft, he tries not to interfere his opinion with the facts or the ethics of the ancient world. This maked the reading even more fluent and rapid. The reader will understand the methods, the way of thinking and the ethics of the hellenic society.

I would say that this book is putting necromancy in the right place. It motivated me to search more about this subject from the ancient texts. Another interesting thing is the part of the chthonic Gods and Goddesses in necromancy. Hekate plays Her role in the book, as well as Persephone, Pluto, Hermes, Gaia etc.

Sorciers Grecs

Author: Andre Bernand

Publisher: Fayard

I have read this book from the hellenic translation. The translation isn't good at all. The text is full of typos. Moreover, the writer is falling in the trap that he says in the introduction that other academics have fallen. He knows nothing about Witchcraft, though he expresses his personal view all over the book, saying that magick is something ultimately baneful, a habbit for idiots and poor, and maybe for women only. He doesn't understand that is magick and how it works, but he provides very rare information from lead tablets (defixiones) in a big part of the book. He also provides info from ancient papyri who have not been published.

A reader who has the will to overcome the personal views of the writer, will find great knowledge from the ancient magickal texts that the writer is presenting in the book. Unfortunately, many of the texts are not complete, due to the writer. So, some binding spells who are particularly interesting, are not complete. This is another disadvantage of the book. Also, there is not any prototype of the ancient texts.

Exhortation to Philosophy

Author: Iamblichos

This book of neoplatonic philosopher Iamblichos is a great synopsis of many teachings of ancient hellenic philosophy. I found pythagorian, platonic, aristotelic, neoplatonic teachings as well as pre-socratic, orphic... with the platonic current lead all the way to the end. Inside there are basic teachings from all schools written in a clear way, with a great flow of thinking and many of the teachings are repeated, so the reader consolidates them. Not only it is a guide to philosophy, but a guide to life too, as by practicing the virtues of philosophy and leading ourselves with fronisis we obtain happiness (eudaimonia). I consider it as a basic book for any Witch of antiquity due to the clarifications and the guidance it provides to live a better life according to virtue and lead by fronisis.

The Inner Mysteries

Author: Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone Publisher: Acorn Guild Press

In the backcover prof. Ronald Hutton writes about Janter that she is one of the most prominent writers of history and nature of modern Witchcraft. He continues that the collaboration with Gavin Bone is dynamic and interesting. The Witche's Voice characterizes the book as a refreshing honest look into the Witchcraft of both past and future. For me the book provides a progressive view in Wicca regarding both initiatory and self-initiatory. The writers teach in the whole book using logic, experience and wisdom. Their views are trully refreshing for the community not just because they are two well respected Witches, but also because the base their work on actual things, following good tendencies and currents in Witchcraft today.

I follow a centered Deity approach as they suggest and I felt really having this view written and analyzed from both of them -in not just one chapter. They give ideas of how to work with one Deity, which I have used and found them working fine in practice. They don't afraid of comparing the old with the new tides in Witchcraft and explaining why things are different now and why in the past some beliefs were certain while others were not, but are now. They share their ideas of evolving Wicca using techniques of other polytheistic religions, how to connect with one Deity, how to incorporate a progressive mentality and they give a lot of advices of how to move on with your practice.

I didn't like two things from the book. One is the removing Hermetic Kabbalah idea, which is an option of the writers and the other is the compressed text with little borders. I suggest this book to any serious practitioner of the Craft.

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