A Witch Alone at the Crossroads

All about Hekate, three-formed Goddess of the crossroads

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Dear visitor chaire!

Welcome to a blog for witches who walk along the path of Hekate. This blog is a crossroad. We are members of the Covenant of Hekate from Hellas and we welcome you, by waving our hands to you!

Each day some of us walk the roads at night, wandering and searching Hekate Enodia or we offer to Her spirits offerings or we ask for Her guidance invoking Hekate Propolos. Sometimes when days are rough we ask Hekate Phosphoros to illuminate the path ahead to the truth. When we are in a transitional period, Hekate is there, she is close to us in our thresholds.

In most of our time, Hekate bless us all and have a happy and complemented life, although we cannot ignore that pain exists in daily life. Hekate offers guidance, comfort and her help to make us deal with everything that comes or will come up. Sometimes she helps us understand the reality in a wise way. The members of the C.O.H. follow a code of ethics based in the five virtues.

This blog is dedicated to Hekate. Articles, ceremonies, devotional work, magickal work etc.
By the way, if you don't know, don't wonder: Who is Hekate?
Let me put a definion here of what is magick. It is the art and science that causes changes in conformity of will using occult methods that produce phenomena which do not occur in a normal everyday way. Magick is the most ancient science and the Witch is a very wise person, at least at his field. Note: Press ctrl + or ctrl - to adjust Hekate in the background

Update: The blog changed into a dynamic, responsive website in March 2018 the name changed from A Witch Alone at the Crossroads to Crossroads Witch. Follow us in http://crossroadswitch.com

hekate_outdoors_offerings.jpg Outdoors Offerings in the woods of Mytilene, Lesvos Hellas


"I shake the seas or calm them at my will;
I whip the clouds or meake them rise again;
At my commands winds vanish or return."

, 23:26