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Offering ceremony

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This is my first contribution on the blog! It is symbolic as well as important, because our connection with the Goddess is the most important thing for our magick to work and for our lives to harmonize with Her.


This is a daily ritual for declaring your love and devotion to the Goddess Hekate. The rite is clean and simple and it can be complicated. This is its short version. For performing it, you should have established a good connection with the Goddess, know her, what she likes, what are her favorite colors, incenses, plants, animals, symbols. It is essential to know what you are doing in witchcraft and be sure abou yourself. I assume you have a cleansed purified altar for Hekate with at least one representation of her. If someone interrupts you, don't be upset, but prepare so that this will not happen.


  1. Cleanse yourself according to your favorite technique. If you don't have time for a bath, pass yourself through incense or make a short chakra balancing visualization.
  2. Burn an incense for Hekate. Light some white illumination candles to see.
  3. Shift your consciousness using your favorite method. I use the pattern 4-6-4-6
  4. Create sacred space if you want. A banishing ritual, or a sacred circle are the best way, but if you don't have such time, visualize a white or gold light in your room. Hold the image and proceed to the next step.
  5. Chant to draw Hekate's attention. A very common chant among her devotees is Hekate, Hekate, Hekate Dark Mother, You walk with me like no other. Another good idea is to chant the ephesian letters. Another practice is to chant the sacred vowels which represent planetary energies. At last, intone the name of Hekate.
  6. Invoke Hekate using the orphic hymn and then give her an offering, like honey, wine, milk, egg, garlic, cheese, saffron, bay leaves... Instead of material, you can offer to her a purified blessed candle (red, or black or white). As you light the flame say the following charm: Hekate Propolos I light with you and for you this candle in you honor.
  7. Invoke a special aspect of her, according to your needs. Par example, invoke Hekate Phaenno to give her light in a situation you are dealing with or Hekate Phosphorus to reveal you the truth of a problem you are dealing with.
  8. Pray to Hekate. She is at the place. You can ask her but please thank her for the blessings she has bestow upon you.
  9. Meditate or open yourself to her energy. Pathworking is also a good way to connect with her, especially if you follow Mima Cornish's pathworkings.
  10. Thank and farewell Hekate.
  11. After one day, toss the offerings to the soil, so that the energy will go back to the earth.

Hekate-altar.jpg Indoors offerings inside our circle in Athens. offerigns_hekate.jpg Outdoors offerings at the woods at 6/6/2015 in Mytilene
Outdoors offerings should be discreet and not harm the environment, the place, the ancient places.

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