Olympian of Chthonic

The olympic altar is the most known type of altars. It is higher than the level of the ground. The olympian altar is suitable for all Gods. It is perfect for devotional work, offerings, praying and other religious acts. This altar is suitable for magick too. The chthonic altar is only suitable for chthonic Gods and Goddesses like Persephone, Hermes, Demeter, Hekate. Oh yes, Hekate is a chthonic Titan, but all those Gods could be adored in an olympic altar too. If you want to do things right and in a more ancient way, you need to have one chthonic altar for Hekate, especially when you do magick.

The chthonic altar is the best choice when you work outdoors. When you are inside, just buy a marble and put in on the ground. That's it. Decorate your chthonic altar with little things and keep it simple and clean. A statue of Hekate, a black or red cloth, some candles, flowers, a key or a snake, an offering bowl with honey or olive oil or wine, a pottery bowl with water and your altar is ready. It is very crucial to have all things purified through the appropriate ritual and charged with the energy of Hekate.