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The winds, or anemoi in hellenic, had meteorological interest as well as magickal interest. Meteorology was a very important science and highly developed with astronomy and astrology and meteorology had even medical extensions, but in this article we will see them as Gods who rule the directions of the air.

The tower of Kyrrestes

In Athens at the roman market, there is until today, the first meteorological station of the world, the tower of Andronikos Kyrrestes. It was built at 48 b.C. close to the north side of Acropolis. It is an octagonal tower, with each side to be in line of the 8 parts of the horizon. The roof of the tower is pyramidical. The tower has no pillars, it has two doors, one to the north and one to the west. It is constructed by pentelic marble. The height of the building is 12.8 meters, the length is 3.2 meters. In the top of the tower, there was a pointer to the winds and to the eight sides, images of the eight winds are sculptured.

Names of the winds - Direction

Boreas - North
Kaikias - Northeast
Apeliotis -East
Euros - Southeast
Notos - South
Lips - Southwest
Zephyros - West
Skiron - Northwest


Boreas: is ready to blow the wind through a shell
Kaikias: wet wind, connected with snow, storm, hail. He is old and he empties a sack with chert stones.
Apeliotis: he comes with little rain, he is a young man who holds fruits, ears, bees nest (symbolising fertility)
Euros: an old man, who causes short respiratory problems
Notos: hot and wet wind young man who empties his hydria
Lips or Livas: a young man who holds a jewel
Zephyros: he is warm and happy in the spring, he is young and he also spreads flowers
Skiron: dark skim old man, who spreads ashes and charcoals. He is very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Bad for health and for the crops.


Working with Hekate it is common to work with the four winds instead of the four archangels. The four winds are invoked inside the circle or when you create sacred space without the classical techniques of Wicca. When you call the winds inside the circle, a preparation should be done. After the ritual, thang the winds one by one and ask them kindly to leave. The four winds are:

Boreas - North (bo-re-as, e as ego)
Boreas is associated with the winter.
Apeliotis -East (a-pe-li-ot-is. pe e as tea, li as Liam, ot as otic, is as ischium)
Apeliotis is associated with autumn.
Notos -South (Not-os)
Notos is associated wth summer.
Zephyros - West (ze-phy-ros, ze as zebra, phy as phylactery, ros as Ros)
Zephyros is associated with spring.

In the center of the circle, at the altar, Astraios should be invoked before the winds. Astraios is a Titan, he is the father of the stars and the winds. It is a good idea to have some small offering pottery bowls in the four directions of the circle, for the winds. Each bolw should contain items that represent the associated season of the year or their symbols.
North: seashell
East: fruits or honey
South: water or mead or fruit juice
West: fresh flowers, musical instrument, nuts

Ancient images

1.Boreas 2.Apeliotis 3.Notos 4.Zephyros boreas.gif apeliotis.gif notos.gif zephuros.gif

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