Asteria was daughter of titans Koios and Phoebe, granddaughter of Ouranus and Earth and sister of Leto who gave birth to Artemis and Apollo. Koios was responsible for the quality of things. His name in ionic dialect is Koios but in aiolic dialect is Poios which means quality (κοῖος = ποῖος = quality). His wife, Phoebe, had the abilities of clearness and diaphaneity. Leto had the abilities of night and lethe and Asteria was responsible for the movement of the stars and their appearance. So quality and diaphaneity born night and stars.

According to Hesiod's theogony, Asteria and Perses, son of the titans Kreios and Evryvia, united and born a doughter, the Goddess Hekate. According to other writers Zeus fell in love with her and he was after her. While she was trying to avoid him she got to Ortyga and fell in the sea. From her, the Ortygia island was created which afterward renamed Delos Island. According to others while she was trying to avoid Zeus she asked Gods to transform her to a bird so that she could fly away. Zeus not being able to catch her he transformed her into a stone and while she was flying she fell in the sea. Her sister Leto asked Zeus to transform her into an island and that is what he did. That island was sacred to Poseidon and Dorida. An alterant of this myth is that the Gods transformed Asteria to the bird quail (=ορτύκι). Zeus killed her and see fell in the sea. Then Leto asked Zeus to transform her sister to an island, the Ortygia Island. Later Leto went there to give birth to her children, Artemis and Apollo. Other support that Zeus transformed himself into an eagle and from him and Asteria Hercules of Foinike was born.