Why making a nemyss?

Well, if you have read about history of Egypt, you have seen pharaoh wearing this weird ritual hat. As a magician you should have seen Aleister Crowleys ritual photograph and Mathers red photo. He also wears a nemyss. The nemyss is a traditional ceremonial garb for the Golden Dawn magicial. It is a representation of life, eternal life, divine light (LVX), the ankh. By wearing the nemyss you project the message that you work for your soul, because you live forever. The nemyss also symbolizes that you are wearing the divine light and you are doing spiritual work. Moreover, the black and white colors symbolize that no evil disturbing thoughts may enter your head and either your back. You are purified, blessed with white light and ready to do some good magick.


For making a nemyss you should find a piece of fabric with white and black stripes running down vertically. I have found one with 5cm width each. It is the perfect pattern. The other thing you will need is white and black hard thread, needles to sew, scissors and a white elastic piece 2.5cm width. To keep it simple, I have written all the dimensions in the following image. Happy sewing. If you have a hard time try making the nemyss or nemes, contact me to make it for you.