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Theocritus and Hekate

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The life of the Hellene poet Theocritus and the info he left to us about Hekate. We can see that Hekate is the Goddess of magick, her association with the three-ways crossroads, the dogs, herbs and spellworking.


Theocritus was born in 305 b.C. His roots were from Syracouses. His father was Praxagoras and his mother Philinna. He lived in Syracouses from 310- 290 b.C. in Kos from 290 - 283. He met there his teachers Nikias and Philitas. He then moved to Sicily from 283-275. His teacher was Asclepiades. In 275 - 270 he moved to Alexandria next to the palace of Ptolemaios. He met Alexander Aitolos, who was his teacher. In 270 he moved to Kos and met Leonidas the Tarantinos.

Theocritus wrote short poems and many quotes. All his poems are entitled "Idylls". This title was given by later philolongists for short poems. He liked to write poems for the farm life and about ideal life. The type of poetry talking about goats, cultivation, sheep etc. started from a celebration to honor Artemis. Theocritus is the last great poet of ancient Hellas. He was a pioneer of what we call romance.


Let's see his poem Pharmakeutria, which has a special interest for the devotees of Hekate.

A witch from Sicily is working for days in a binding spell. She likes Delfis, who is spending his time in the gym watching wrestling. Simaitha, the witch is in love with him, but Delfis hasn't gone to her house for weeks.

She invokes Selene and Hekate. Theocritus writes that Hekate has been feared by the dogs as She arives to the tombs of the dead. The witch is using comparative magick by saying that as the spell of Circe was successful so hers should be successful. She is using an iynx to draw the man she wants. In her spell, she has an assistant, a second woman. She is using the iynx to draw this person to her house. The energy is raising by the iynx in every part of the spell. She is burning flour, laurel, candles (invoking Afrodite), offal (invoking Artemis). In a point she is hearin the dogs barking. This is a sign that Hekate came. She is going to the crossroads to make offerings immediately and she is prayint to Hekate. After, she continues to burn some herbs to draw the man closest to her and to make him love her. She is using a lot of her willpower. She is saying that if this spell won't work he will kill him with magick.

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