Sententiae 100-130

"First of all the foundantion and the base of katharsis (=cleansing) is the motto "know thyself". A soul connected with a foreign thing to her and with a different matter form her." He means the body. The man should concentrate to different places from his body, in order to be in a situation of apathy concerning the body. The man should not accept the pains or he should take them with as less lamentation as it gets. Anger should be removed or be less and less as a feeling. In any way, we should not combine anger with our choices or our decisions. Fear should also be removed, because the cleansed man has nothing to be afraid of. Desires should also be removed, desires for bad things, like special food, drinks, desires of the body. Our thoughts should be based in logic. As the proccess continues every collision on the way should be overcomed by the power of logic. In front of logic any impure element will go back and disappear.