Ancient Text

"As it seems to mee, Gods give a present to people, as it was done with Prometheas who brought down the ultra-bright fire." (Philibos 16c)

Prometheas is the son of Titan Iapetos and Titanis Oceanida or Themis or Aithras or Klymenes. In Titanomachy he took the side of the Gods (as Hekate). Prometheas created humans with clay and fire. That clay contained blood of the dead Titans, that's why humans on that generation were called the gold genre. They looked like gods. Zeus divided humans in the middle (male-female), to reduce their power.(1) His brother, Epimetheas gave special characteristics to animals, which were created by earth and fire. Humans didn't had strong claws or eye vision or preminitions, so Prometheas took fire from the lab of Hephestos and brought it to Sikyona of Hellas.(2) He took fire and gave it to humans, so that balance should exist again. Prometheas stayed to teach people how to use fire to eat, to create science, to warm themselves etc.

The difference between Prometheas and his brother Epimetheas is in their names. Prometheas (προ+μήδομαι) means the one who is thinking(=μήδομαι) before(=προ) he is going to act. Epimitheas (επί+μήδομαι) is the one who is doing something and thinking about it after(=επί).

Commentary of Iamblichos

"Prometheas brings the advancements which are revealed by the cathode of the gods to the tangible (material) world. Epimetheas brings the reversions by whIch they ascend to the mental sphere." (Iamblichos, Fragments On Soul, Commentaries on Plato, Epistles, Kaktos Publications 2009)

As we see the Gods are energies which contribute greatly to the improvement of life, through thinking. They bring ideas to be materialised in the tanglible world. If we don't make that mental work before doing something, then the gods cannot affect us and we regret for our actions, that' why we will think again and do the circle passing from the mental sphere. Devotees of Hekate notice that after establishing a strong connection with the Goddess and if they have based their work on actual data, they can have guidance to their questions by the goddess through impulses, dreams, syncronies. Prometheas can be every God that the practicing Witch is affiliated.

1. True love is the re-union of those two parts, that's why each soul as an alternative soul, its first one.
2 . Hekate was worshipped in Sikyona.