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Book Review: Axiochos by Plato

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Start studying philosophy with the platonic dialogue Axiochos!


  • Title: Axiochos (or On Death)
  • Author: Plato

For the specific dialogue it is considered by some that it is not written by Plato, however, the teachings are platonic so that the text is written by a Platonist.

Axiochos is the smallest platonic dialogue, 12 pages in length. It is very simple and it has not difficult meanings. Even if it is simple, the in-depth platonic teachings are apparent and beautifully presented for its length. It has not other dialogues in between the main one so the reader will not lose the cohesion of the text and its meaning. The above characteristics make this text one of the greatest dialogues of Plato to start with if someone is new to Platonism and philosophy in general.

This dialogue presents the matter of death. Axiochus is very ill and he is afraid of death. The son of Axiochus finds Socrates to bring him to his father to help him with his teachings not to be afraid. Socrates proves that the soul is immortal and that Axiochos will continue to live in the eternal and divine road afterward.

You can find an article about this dialogue here.


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