Since 2015 Eirini and I have been writing articles centered around the Goddess Hekate, spreading the flame. We wrote 157 articles, projects, book reviews, commentaries on ancient texts, rare hymns, personal hymns and rituals, offering recipes, experiences on pathworking, celebrations, etc. All good things come to an end…

No! They don't, because we have not stopped being devotees of the Goddess. She is present in our lives. We have made the decision to upgrade our presence in the web, so we are preparing a website for authenticated users who will have the ability to comment on articles, rate the content, receive newsletters, see images in a better way, participate in polls, etc. So, we are talking about a dynamic website, which will be readible on the cellphone, tablet, PC, TV, RSS reader. As with this blog, the new one will not include many blog posts (personal stories) but articles, perhaps more extensive.

This step was necessary, as the current blog post was created to have an old style and be retro, but over time it no longer provided all the features we needed, such as the possibility for you, our readers, to comment or to track your favorite articles. So, from the first year we knew that eventually we would have to deal with that problem. That time has now come.

Stay online, because the next post will give you our domain name address. Till then, blessed be!