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Ancient Unknown Hymn to Hekate Chthonia

, 21:16

In the following article an ancient hymn to Hekate will be presented saved by the christian philosopher and theologist, Ippolytos. The hymn is unknown to the community of the Goddess Hekate and as this blog has the goal to present rare material and information from the ancient texts, about our Goddess, this article is another great contribution to our goal. The hymn can be used to invoke the Goddess during Deipnon (=Supper) or the darker aspects during waning of the moon.

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Chthonian Goddess Plaque

, 09:33

A plaque of the 7th century B.C. depicting a chthonian goddess with snakes was found in Ancient Agora in Hellas. Her characteristics fit to Hekate while similar plaques were found in Eleusis. Considering Hekate's involvement in the Eleusinian Mysteries making a strong connection with the most important religious centre of that time it is quite possible to be Hekate.

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