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The Mindhack Project Attacks Hekate - Our Answer

, 00:46

The Mindhack Project is a greek website which has articles about the following subjects: occultism, conspirancies, weird news. They write about occultism, or they think they do. The slogan of the webiste is "break the binds of mind". We will see about that. It is constituted by a group of 14 writers. At 13th of June 2016 they started an attack against our Mother Goddess Hekate, her devotees and the truth. Though we both (Eirini and I) asked them to make the appropriate corrections or at least show us their sources that they invoke (but do not write), they didn't respond back. So, as I promised to them, I am going to inform the community of what they write against our Goddess and what is the truth. We really didn't understand why they chose not to answer to our simple request...

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Necropolis and the Goddess Hekate

, 04:44

Necropolis means the city of the dead. The archaeological place of Kerameikos in its biggest part is a necropolis, a place associated with death, religious practices and art. For the first time I will present info about Hekateion, the temple of Hekate in necropolis and a Triangular Hiero of an unknown Goddess, stand in a three ways crossroads, next to the way of Eleusis.

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The Important Buildings of Kerameikos

, 00:48

Dipylo, Pompeio, Z, and the heated Valaneio. The buildings of the east side of Hiera Odos.

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Burial Customs in Ancient Municipality of Kerameikos

, 23:33

In this article you will read how the ancient Atheneans used to bury their dead, how they saw death from 3000 b.C.until the Roman period 300 a.C. The place we will use as a focal point is the Kerameikos, a part of Athens which was really important for daily life in ancient periods. Kerameikos is a crossroads between sacred way of Eleusis, a sacred way to Demosion Sema, the graves of all highli respected warriors and Atheneans and a road to ancient agora. Atheneans used to bury their dead in Kerameikos. The had sacred places for main Gods and Goddesses, special buildings from woman of Aphrodite, laboratories and market full of merchants of wine, food, pottery and artists.


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Necromantic References with Hekate

, 20:15

In this article I have collected references of Hekate in ancient necromantic rituals.

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Ancient Necromantic Practices in Averno

, 23:52

This is an extended article that I am writing before the dark moon of September as an offering to the Goddess Hekate Chthonia. I am going to present some basic information about the ancient hellenic necromancy and then a presentation of one of the four biggest death oracles in the ancient world will be presented. Averno is closely associated with Hekate and Persephone. So, our Goddess lived there and She was very active bringing the dead back to life.

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, 16:42

Pluto is the brother of Zeus. He rules the underworld, hades. Hekate has the power to walk in his realm. They both share the same symbol: keys and they are related to dogs. Hekate and Persephone share some common properties, that's why they were unified in ancient times. Let's see the characteristics of Pluto, the king of the underworld.

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