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The Prince Erysichthon and the Goddess Demeter

, 03:03

From the Hymn to Demeter of Kallimachos we will see how the Goddess managed the disrepsectuf young prince Erysichthon and what was his ending.

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Connections with Hekate and other Gods through the epithets on the Oprhic Hymns

, 16:44

Who was Orpheus, thr founder of religion? When his followers wrote the Hymns? After discussing those subjects you will see tables with epithets of the Goddess Hekate which could be found to other Gods and Goddesses too from Orphica and PGM.

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Orphic Hymn

, 12:08


trimorfis.jpgHymns are poems praising the divine and they are used to invoke the God/Goddess in the place in which a ceremony takes place by the Witch of the God/Goddess.

In ancient texts for Hekate we find the first of the orphic hymns the hymn to Hekate (11.560 b.C.). Many years later, Proclus writes an hymn for Hekate and Ianus (400 a.C.). The homeric hymn to Demeter (3000 b.C.)is reffering to Hekate and her power as long as her character. In Greek Magical Papyri (abbreviated PGM) the hymn to Selene is an hymn to Hekate (2nd centrury b.C. to 4rth centrury a.C.). Selene and Hekate were the same Goddess.

Today, the Goddess Hekate has many followers all over the worlds, who write their hymns to invoke her and they share them widely.

Orphic hymn

Einodian Hekaten, klêizô, trihoditin erannen.

Hekate of the roads I call you, you who are at the three roads, o beautiful one

Ouranian, chthonian, te kai enalian, krokopeplon.

You of the sky, of the earth, of the sea,who are dressed in with a saffron clad

Tymbidian, psychais nekyôn meta bakcheuosan,

You who walk in the cemeteries and you feel enthousiasm among the souls of the deads

Perseian, philerêmon, agallomenên elaphoisi.

Daughter of Perses, who you like to be alone and among the deers

Nykterian, skylakitin, amaimaketon basileian.

In the night, with dogs howling around her, invincible queen of all world

Tauropolon, pantos kosmou klêidouchon, anassan,

You who have powers of the bull, queen who holds the keys of the whole world

Hêgemonên, nymphên, kourotrophon, ouresiphoitin.

Leader queen, nymphe, who who take care of the children, who walks in the mountains

Lissomenois, kouren, teletais hosiesi pareinai,

We ask you to come in this sacred ceremony

Boukolo eumeneousan aei kechareoti thymô.

with sympathetic attitude and without anger to the leader.