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Necromantic References with Hekate

, 20:15

In this article I have collected references of Hekate in ancient necromantic rituals.

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Examples of Ancient Necromantic Rituals

, 15:27

Read some of the most detailed descriptions of ancient necromantic rituals as they can be found in ancient texts.

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Ancient Necromantic Practices in Averno

, 23:52

This is an extended article that I am writing before the dark moon of September as an offering to the Goddess Hekate Chthonia. I am going to present some basic information about the ancient hellenic necromancy and then a presentation of one of the four biggest death oracles in the ancient world will be presented. Averno is closely associated with Hekate and Persephone. So, our Goddess lived there and She was very active bringing the dead back to life.

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PGM III 1-164

, 01:11

In this series of articles we are going to see epithets of the Goddess Hekate through the Greek Magical Papyri. An abstract of the spell, that Hekate is called for help, will be available and then we will analyze the etymology of each epithet. Of course there will be a brief description of the pronounciation.

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