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Offerings to Hekate

, 21:03

Here is a general list for offerings to the Goddess Hekate.

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Basic Laws for the Protection of Antiquities and the Cultural Heritage in Hellas

, 13:50

Can I leave my offerings on a monument? Read what the hellenic law says about the pollution of the monuments and their protection in general.

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Viewing the Gods with Porphyry

, 00:32

Neoplatonic philosopher Porphyry was married old with Marcella who has seven children. He had to leave the city for a while. He wrote to her a letter to read it when she will miss him. This text has a lot of ethical teachings of neoplatonism and as philosophy was connected with theology, it contains a lot information about piety and the correct way of worshipping the gods. In this article I will provide some of the best teachings concerning honoring the gods.

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Porphyry About Angels, Gods, Depictions, Offerings

, 15:30

From the 15 books that the neoplatonic philosopher, Porphyry had written in the 3rd century a.C. in order to examine the teachings of students of Christ under the lens of logic and philosophy, nothing has been survived except some fragments from references of other writers that Professor Adolf von Harnack in 1916 collected and reconstructed a book with quotes that most of them are attributed to Porphyry. In this article I have translated a part of the book (the responses of Makarios Magnes) in which Porphyry is presenting a teaching in which angels of christianity and gods of the ancient religion are the same entities and another part from the same book with great meanings.

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Hekate in Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae

, 17:17

In the lines that follow we can find a reference from the work of Athēnaios Naukratitēs , Deipnosophistae writing that as deipnon for Goddess Hekate was offered bread made of wheat.

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Offering to Goddess Hekate – Traditional Hellenic Cooked Red Fish (Bourdeto)

, 09:17

Bourdeto is the most famous fish dish of Corfu Island in Ionian Islands in Hellas. It is made with different sorts of fish such as scorpion fish,mullet or with the fish of your taste cooked in a spicy tomato sauce. Fish and especially mullet was sacred to Goddess Hekate.

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Offerings to the Gods in Ancient Hellas

, 10:57

In this article are presented the kinds and types of offerings in ancient Hellas.

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The Offerings to the Gods according to Theophrastus

, 01:27

Theοphrastus informs us about the very first and later offerings to the Gods; plant and animal sacrifice as well as the ethics.

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Offering Lemon Juice with Honey and Saffron

, 18:31

Offering a juice to the Goddess or drinking it to attune with her energies. The juice has also the energy of happiness.

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Celebrating Deipnon at July

, 01:28

The experience of Deipnon in July 2016 along with a photo from a new devotee of Hekate celebrating Deipnon in Brazil

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