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Ancient Necromantic Practices in Averno

, 23:52

This is an extended article that I am writing before the dark moon of September as an offering to the Goddess Hekate Chthonia. I am going to present some basic information about the ancient hellenic necromancy and then a presentation of one of the four biggest death oracles in the ancient world will be presented. Averno is closely associated with Hekate and Persephone. So, our Goddess lived there and She was very active bringing the dead back to life.

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, 18:31

The ancient Hellenes didn't believed in idolatry, the had a complicated religion full of Gods. Using the oracle of Trophonios in Boetia as an example we will see how this worked every time.

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Searching Hekate In Court Cards

, 20:15

This article is part of a series searching Hekate in divination cards. The court cards are parts of minor arcana. Those court cards are illustrated with persons because they represent persons ot qualities the querent must have to solve his problem/situation. By all court cards the Queen of Cups and the Queen of Pentacles are the most relevant I could find. Let's see who is a friend of Hekate or contains the energy of Her.

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Searching Hekate Inside Lenormand

, 10:41

Cartomancy is my field. While I was reading cards for a friend, I thought it might be a good idea to write about the hand of Hekate in the Lenormand cards. In the following article you are going to read about this method (French Cartomancy) and how I see the main properties and the main energy of Hekate in those cards.

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Ancient Divination

, 11:57


As Cicero writes among all wise nations or among all barbaric nations there is no nation which does not believe in the revelation of the future and does not believe that there are people who have that ability.
In the far ancient times, divination, witchcraft and religion were the same thing. The connection of divination and religion is very clear in ancient Hellas. In this article are going to read some examples from ancient texts.
delphoi2.jpg Oracle of Delphoi (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)


In hellenic the action of divination is manteia and the person is called mantis. The root of the word is from mania, because the diviner cannot totally control himself when he has changed his consciousness and he is channeling messages from other realms.
The Romans were taught divination from Hellenes and they connected the art with the God through the language, that's why they called it divinatio.
Divination is a magickal art. The diviner or mantis forsees the future and the past through:

  1. oionoi or signs
  2. inspiration liked to the collective unconsious mind
  3. correct explanation of natural phenomena

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