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Creating A Katadesmos From PGM VII

, 22:46

I have already written an article about this subject but I want to expand and share another spell from PGM VII 429-458 In that spell Osiris is called with voces magicae implying their secret names. The interesting thing is that the spell is short and quick but it also requires knot magick if you release the katadesmos in special places, using again the famous voces magicaes ASKEI KAI TASKEI (as the ancient text writes).

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Hekate is Calling Through Dreams

, 00:25

In thia article I am going to share with you two of the dreams that Hekate made me see this month (April 2016). Both dreams show to the direction of the hermetic tradition. A new calling from Hekate that Constantinos and I have felt greatly from the beggining of April.

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