Erinnyes or Evmenides are considered to be daughters of Persephone and Plouton or Ether and Gaia or Gaia and Skotos or Night alone. Erinnyes are called when they are on earth and Evmenides when they are on Hades. They were three in number: Alekto, Tisifone and Megaira. They were leaving next to the entrance of Tartaros. They were avenging and revengeful goddesses. They were tough, rigid and adamant. It was their responsibility to bring the dead to Tartaros and punish them by hitting them with lashes or burning them with torches. The lashes were snakes.

They were not staying only in Tartaros but they were traveling to Olympus as well and they were standing next to the throne of Zeus waiting for commands about who evil-doers to punish. After that they were walking all over the earth searching and examining for all the criminals and villain and then they were bothering them hard so that these people could not stand, rest, drink or eat.

When Gods wanted to punish people with wars or diseases they were asking Furies to accomplish this task. Alekto was bringing up the wars, Tisifone the diseases and Megaira death.

They were representing them as wild women having snakes on their heads instead of hair and wearing crowns from snakes. They were wearing long, dark colored dresses. They were holding on the one hand torches and on the on the other hand snakes. In other representations they are on the one hand keys and on the other stick or lashes and sword. Behind them Fovos (=fear), Tromos (=dread) and Mania were following.