A building of three rooms in which meetings took place of senate, the counsil of the town and the parliament of 500 elected.

Store Houses

Useful places for the followers, who leaved their personal items before the beggining of the Mysteries.

Hiera Oikia

A building with three rooms and an altar.


Telesterion was the most sacred place of rituals in Eleusis.It was expandinf every 50 years because more and more people came to be initiated to the Mysteries. When the Romans ruled the world, roman citizens from all over the world came to Eleusis to become followers of Demeter and learn the secrets of life and death.
In that place, Demeter was living when she left the palace of Keleos and she started teaching Eleusineans her Mysteries. Magickal acts took place in telesterion, totally unknown to us. Many good writers do hypothesis of what it could happen during initiation ceremonies. The truth is that peole changed and follower Her way. Some of the architects of Telesterion were: Iktinos, Koroivos, Ksenocles, Filon. Of course, some barbarians destroyed parts and all telesterion, because yes, not all people can become humans and the Mysteries of Hellas, achieved to transform an Hellene to a higher new person.
In the center of telesterion, it was a palace, a very sacred place with sacred objects of Demeter. Noone could go inside except one person, the hierophant. telesterion-far.JPG

Other buildings

Cistern with marble and a system to filter water and trade it to the sacred place. Gymnasium, Mithraio, baths, fountains, hot tubs etc. storehouses.JPG Store houses for ears