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The Magickal Tree of Hekate

, 15:02

Yew or Taxus baccata is one of the trees associated with Hekate, necromancy, magickal wands etc. In this article I will present some info for growing that tree and its magickal properties. My purpose is to give you all the info you will need to have a yew friend in your yard. Just go to your plant store, ask Taxus baccata, buy some biological calcium, 2-3 handfulls of rocks, read this article and plant your yew.

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How to construct your Fire Wand

, 16:24

In this article I am going to show you my way of constructing an amazing Golden Dawn Fire Wand with common tools. I will try to be as analytical as possible using images, especially when the steps become a little difficult. If you constuct your wand using those instructions keep in mind that safety is first, know your tools, have your wood tightened all the time and let's do great magick.

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Construction of a Tarot Box

, 02:24

It is Tuesday. I just received the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot from Wendrich Art House. I was expecting the cards to arrive and start work with them. But there is a problem. According to the Golden Dawn Hermetic Tradition, a ritual should be done before opening the cards and for this, some tools are essential like the tarot wand and a tarot box or pouch. We will make the wand and the box ourselves.

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